Would Vettel work in a midfield team?


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Vettel in midfield: would that work?

Scoffers would say at this point that the German at Ferrari is already only in the middle of the field anyway. However, it is a question of a possible switch to Racing Point 2021. Although they are in good shape this season, overall they are still considered a midfield team. Would that be the right step for a four-time world champion? His ex-teammate Daniel Ricciardo commented on this.

The Australian recalls that Vettel has always fought for at least podium finishes almost throughout his career. A midfield team is therefore “unknown territory” for him. He explains that Vettel definitely needs “patience” there and has to commit himself for “at least 24 months or three years”. Ricciardo knows what he’s talking about. His move from Red Bull to Renault 2019 was also a step back in terms of sport.

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Steiner: Rookie is no longer an exclusion criterion

The situation for 2021 is still unclear with other teams and drivers. Among others at Haas. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are currently relying on two experienced pilots. Team boss Günther Steiner does not rule out the possibility of bringing a rookie into his team. “That would not be a problem. If you have completed Formula 3 and Formula 2, you are usually very well prepared anyway,” he explains. You have passed the point where, as a new Formula 1 team, you absolutely need drivers with experience.

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Risky team changes that have paid off

Switching to Racing Point would undoubtedly be a risk for Vettel. However, something like this can work, as our photo gallery shows:

Photo gallery: ten risky Formula 1 team changes that have paid off

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Before questions arise: Formula 1 will of course drive on the Grand Prix circuit in October and not on the Nordschleife! We saw a little while ago in this video what a comeback is on the Nordschleife.

Formula 1 on the Nordschleife: How realistic is a comeback?

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Bad cards for China

Let’s stay with the calendar for a moment. Shanghai currently seems to have very bad chances there. Background: Several sporting events in China in autumn, including large tennis tournaments, have recently been canceled. This makes a Formula 1 race unlikely, even if there is no official cancellation yet.

The America races should also have bad cards due to the corona situation, where the virus is currently raging particularly badly. So what options remain for November? Vietnam for example, the situation there has been easing for some time. Another Asian race is currently speculating about a return from Malaysia.

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What does that mean for the calendar?

With the Nürburgring, Imola and Portimao, the calendar would grow to 13 races. As a reminder: Formula 1 plans to have at least 15 races this year. This would also be achieved because we currently assume that after the triple header in October there will be at least one final with two races in Bahrain and the end in Abu Dhabi. That would be a total of 16 races.

In contrast, it looks bad for some of the America and Asia races. Vietnam, China, Canada, the USA, Mexico and Brazil have not yet been officially canceled. But it is clear that there is no time left in the current planning to catch up on all the Grands Prix. You could only find a place for a few races. However, we are not yet expecting a final decision here.

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Formula 1 “spoilers” Nürburgring comeback

Formula 1 has uploaded track graphics for the Nürburgring, Imola and Portimao on its official website. Coincidence? Certainly not! Rather, we assume that all three races will still be confirmed for the 2020 calendar. The races are to take place in Sochi in October. The Russian Grand Prix on September 27 is the last officially confirmed race of the 2020 season. But that will change already today!

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Off to the weekend!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 news ticker. The (Formula 1-free) weekend is in sight, but before that we give you the full ticker dose again! Ruben Zimmermann accompanies you through the day again at this point, and our contact form and our Twitter hashtag #FragMST are available for questions, criticism and suggestions. We hope for numerous letters! So it’s going full throttle this Friday – with good news from a German perspective.


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