Arsene Wenger hits back on Jose Mourinho: I feel like in kindergarten


Arsene Wenger fought back Jose Mourinho in the back row and said: “It’s a constant provocation with him, I feel like in kindergarten.”

Mourinho targeted Wenger this week by claiming that the Frenchman did not mention him in his autobiography “because he never hit me”.

Wenger has just published his book “My Life in Red & White” but the former Arsenal manager has not accepted Mourinho despite his longstanding rivalry.

When asked why he wasn’t mentioned in the book, Tottenham boss Mourinho said, “Because he never hit me.

“You’re not going to make a chapter over 12 or 14 games and never win one. Why should he talk about me in his book?

“A book is something that makes you happy, makes you proud, so that I understand the situation perfectly.”

Wenger, who worked for Canal + on French television on Sunday, hit back in Mourinho and said: “For him it’s a constant provocation. I feel like I am in kindergarten, but that’s part of his personality. ”


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