Cleveland Browns 7-38 Pittsburgh Steelers: Extraordinary Steelers Defenses Help Cause Bloody Defeat NFL News


Baker Mayfield was harassed by the Steelers’ front seven all afternoon

The Pittsburgh Steelers took their 5-0 lead for the first time since 1978 when they pestered Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns with a full performance to score 38-7 winners.

Bud Dupree led a wild Steelers front 7 with two out of four sacks and two out of seven quarterback hits on Mayfield, going 10 of 18 over 119 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. This was the punishment he endured. Mayfield was put on for Case Keenum as a precaution in the third quarter after sustaining a rib injury during the week.

Cleveland was a dismal 12 on third down conversions due to the Steelers’ dominance in defense, while Kareem Hunt was limited to just 40 yards that ricocheted 13 transfers.

Ben Roethlisberger enjoyed a comfortable afternoon of 14 passes for 162 yards and a touchdown as James Conner made his way to 101 yards for a score of 20 transfers.

Minkah Fitzpatrick intercepts Baker Mayfield for a pick six early in the first quarter

Minkah Fitzpatrick intercepts Baker Mayfield early in the first quarter for a pick of six

  • Steelers Statistiken: Ben Roethlisberger 14/22, 162 Yards, 1 TDs
  • Urgent leader: James Conner, 20 porters, 101 yards, 1 TD
  • Receiving leader: Chase Claypool, four catches, 74 yards

Chris Boswell’s 35-yard field goal gave the Steelers an early lead after an opening drive of 11 games before Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick returned a gift from Mayfield for a 33-yard pick-six when the hosts got a 10-point advantage buildings.

To reduce the deficit, the Browns moved up to fourth place only to see the rookie announce a false start against Jedrick Wills. After the jump-off, the Steelers started an 88-yard drive with Roethlisberger hovering a side pass for a 36-yard pickup to Chase Claypool before Conner hit the touchdown from three meters away.

James Conner fights into the end zone to score a goal

James Conner fights into the end zone to score a goal

The Browns’ struggle to build momentum continued on the next ride when Cameron Sutton intercepted a crawling Mayfield on a pass destined for Rashard Higgins in third and twelfth places, the Roethlisberger with a 28-yard touchdown pass to James Washington punished after cheating on two defensive players faked back with the pump outward.

A violation of the neutral zone by TJ Watt in third and fourth place supported the Browns with an automatic first failure towards the end of the first half. Mayfield eventually rounded off the ride with a 13-yard touchdown pass for Higgins after finding Austin Hooper for a 36-yard pick-up seven games earlier.

  • Browns Statistiken: Baker Mayfield 10/18, 119 Yards, 1 TDs, 2 INTs
  • Urgent leader: Kareem Hunt, 13 porters, 40 yards
  • Receiving leader: Austin Hooper, five catches, 52 yards

Rashard Higgins collects a Mayfield Pass to earn the first points for the Browns

Rashard Higgins collects a Mayfield pass to place the first points on the board for the Browns

Pittsburgh was dealt a blow to start the second half when linebacker Devin Bush was disfellowshipped after a knee injury in the second quarter.

Chase Claypool extended the Steelers ‘lead to 31-7 with a ten-foot touchdown in the left pylon after Cam Heyward Hunt crammed into fourth and first place on the Browns’ 29-yard line.

Keenum was then introduced for Mayfield after a bloody afternoon for the former # 1 overall against the Steelers front.

Ben Roethlisberger finds James Washington in space for the Steelers’ third touchdown

Ben Roethlisberger finds James Washington in space for the Steelers’ third touchdown

Evaluation summary

Browns 0-3 Steelers Chris Boswell 35-Yard-Field-Goal
Browns 0-10 Steelers Minkah Fiztpatrick 33-Yard-Interception-Return (Extrapunkt)
Browns 0-17 Steelers James Conner Drei-Yard-Rushing TD (Extrapunkt)
Browns 0-24 Steelers Ben Roethlisberger 28-Yard-TD-Pass an James Washington (Extrapunkt)
Browns 7-24 Steelers Baker Mayfield 13-Yard-TD-Pass an Rashard Higgins (Extrapunkt)
Browns 7-31 Steelers Chase Claypool Drei-Yard-Rushing TD (Extrapunkt)
Browns 7-38 Steelers Benny Snell Ein-Yard-Rushing-TD (Extrapunkt)

Things soon got worse and worse for Cleveland when Benny Snell abandoned a tackle attempt for a 1-yard touchdown run after Claypool stretched just short of 23-yard win in the final game.

After the game was won, Mason Rudolph came to quarterback for Roethlisberger as the Browns continued to have no answer on the Steelers’ defense.

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