Princess Diana and Prince Andrew conspired to steal the throne, Prince Charles believed


Every corner of the palace is marked by drama in the British royal family as members continue to build rifts.

Unearthed reports reveal how Prince Charles once suspected his brother Prince Andrew of plotting against him with the help of his ex-wife Princess Diana.

The revelation was made in 1996 when author Tom Bower published a book on Charles called Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles.

The book alleged that the Duke of Cornwall suspected his younger brothers Andrew and Edward of planning his demise with the help of Diana.

He also allegedly believed Prince Philip had been lied to about Camilla in order to compromise her chances of joining the royal family.

Bower also claimed that the Prince of Wales even once told his private secretary, Mark Bolland, that he wanted to be Andrew.

The statement was supported by a similar claim made by royal expert Richard Kay: “Andrew was number two, the Queen’s second son, and if anything happened to Charles, it would be Andrew who took over.”

Aside from that, he also believed the Princess of Wales was involved in this plan with her former brothers-in-law, as she wanted her eldest son, William, to become king.

Bower claims Charles was certain that his ex-wife and Andrew’s estranged wife, Sarah Ferguson, were part of the plan to ‚Äúreplace him as heir by announcing that Andrew would be regent until after the Queen’s death or abdication Prince William was 18 years old when he would take Over. ”


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