Sony lists 10 PS4 games that won’t play on PS5


A new page was posted today on the official PlayStation support website with details on PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility. While we already knew about some of the things listed here, Sony added a new and relatively short list of PS4 games that are not playable on PS5.

The new support page is titled “Backward Compatibility: PlayStation®4 games playable on PlayStation®5” and contains a list of 10 games that are not playable on PS5. I have some bad news for fans of Joes Diner and Hitman: GO Definitive Edition::

  • DWVR
  • Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One
  • TT Isle of Man – Drive on the Edge 2
  • Deal with it!
  • Redesigned the shadow complex
  • Robinson: The trip
  • We sing
  • Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
  • Shadwen
  • Joes Diner

While this list is small and filled with a few low profile games, it’s fair to assume that this isn’t the complete list. Sony also stated that games that do not work on PS5 will be marked as “Playable on: PS4 only” on the PlayStation Store.

While Sony claims that the majority of PS4 games will be playable on PS5, the language used on this support page seems to imply that some potential bugs and issues are to be expected: “Also, some PS4 games may experience bugs or unexpected behavior exhibit when played on PS5 consoles. ”

Sony also suggests that gamers try PS4 games on their new PS5 to make sure they are happy with the experience before spending any money on additional content. In addition to this, Sony has confirmed that in addition to downloading PS4 games to their PS5, players can also stream those digital games via expanded storage or Wi-Fi transfers.

Something else special is that nowhere on this page or on any other support page for the PS5 does Sony talk about the backward compatibility of PS3, PS2 or PS1 in the PlayStation 5 or describe it in detail. Back in August, a Ubisoft support site appeared to indicate that the PS5 only supports PS4 games, and while that site eventually removed that information, it looks like it was true.

It’s great to see that the PS5 supports PS4 games and some accessories. Compared to the upcoming Xbox, however, Sony’s backward compatibility strategy for PS5 looks a bit inconsistent, as games from older Sony consoles are not supported, cross-generational storage is handled inconsistently, the previous generation’s controller compatibility with PS5 titles is missing and now a list of PS4 games that are incompatible with the PS5. While the Xbox Series X / S mostly only works when you want to play an Xbox One game, it does support various legacy Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

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