The Canadian Auto Workers Union “is rowing in the same direction” as Ford and the political establishment


Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford, President of Unifor Jerry Dias, and CEO of Ford Canada Dean Stoneley appeared at a joint online press conference Thursday to raise a government investment of 590 million US dollars to be announced for the conversion of Ford’s Oakville assembly plant from 2024 for electric cars and battery production. The federal and state governments will each provide $ 295 million as part of a total redevelopment plan of $ 1.8 billion.

The press conference marked a new stage in the conspiracy between trade unions, large corporations, and the pro-business federal and provincial governments against workers and corporations. This conspiracy is not simply the result of Dias’ disdain for auto workers, though there is much to be done. It is the logical result of the reactionary Canadian nationalist and corporatist stance of the unions that Canadian auto workers and their bosses share interests and have to compete for “investments” with their class brothers and sisters in the US and Mexico. and “product”.

Unifor President Jerry Dias at a press conference on September 22nd. Dias and Unifor announced their deal with Ford Canada but refused to give details

Dias could hardly hold back his enthusiasm for the prospect of hundreds of millions of dollars in public money being given to the giant automaker for free and with virtually no commitment. “We’re all rowing in the same direction,” he crowed at the event. The President of Unifor also praised Trudeau and Ontario’s right-wing populist Prime Minister Doug Ford, who until recently boasted of his affinity and support for Donald Trump.

The “same direction” that Dias is referring to is to ensure that the Canadian company receives enough free public funding to remain “competitive” in the world market and thereby continue to attract investors. This requires workers in the automotive sector and in all other manufacturing sectors to be converted into poorly paid, precariously employed employees of the large corporation. Ford will use the money it receives from both federal and provincial governments to continue its lavish payouts to its wealthy shareholders as it restructures its manufacturing facilities by expanding low-wage labor and turning employment standards and workers’ rights upside down.

Dias remained silent at the press conference on these restructuring plans, knowing that they will be viewed with hostility by auto workers and broad sections of the working class at large.


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