Your blood type can predict your risk for severe COVID-19


(HealthDay) – There is more evidence that blood type may affect a person’s risk for COVID-19 and getting seriously ill due to the disease.

The results are reported in two studies published in the journal on October 14th Blood advances.

In one case, the researchers compared more than 473,000 people in Denmark with COVID-19 to more than 2.2 million people in the general population.

Among the COVID-19 patients, there was a lower percentage of people with blood type O and a higher percentage of people with types A, B and AB.

The results suggest that people with A, B, or AB blood may be more likely to be infected with COVID-19 than people with Type O blood. The infection rates were similar in people with blood types A, B, and AB.

The other study included 95 critically ill COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized in Canada. Patients with type A or AB blood were more likely to require mechanical ventilation, suggesting that they are more likely to have lung injuries due to COVID-19.

The study added that more patients with type A and AB blood needed dialysis because of kidney failure.

The results suggest that COVID-19 patients with A and AB blood types may have an increased risk of organ dysfunction or failure than patients with type O or B blood, according to the researchers.

They also found that while people with blood types A and AB did not have longer overall hospital stays than people with blood types O or B, they stayed in intensive care longer on average, which could indicate a more severe COVID-19.

“The unique part of our study is our focus on blood type severity for COVID-19. We have observed this lung and kidney damage and will want to investigate the effect of blood group and COVID-19 on other vital organs in future studies, “said study author Dr. Mypinder Sekhon, a clinical instructor in the Intensive Care Unit at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

“Of particular importance if we continue to overcome the pandemic, we now have a wide range of survivors leaving the acute part of COVID-19. However, we need to investigate mechanisms by which we can risk stratify those with longer-term effects, ”he added in a press release.

Kidney damage from COVID-19 is linked to a higher risk of death in hospital

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