YouTube Music users can download uploaded playlists


The lengthy death of Google Play Music and the choppy transition to YouTube Music get a little easier as apparently free users can now download playlists of previously migrated or uploaded music.

We see developments on the platform almost daily as the big “shutdown” of Play Music approaches, but for hardcore fans a complete switch is still a difficult decision. However, if you’ve migrated your existing library from Play Music to YouTube Music, you should now be able to download playlists that contain your previous music – even at the free tier.

This award was recently only open to people with a YouTube Music Premium subscription. According to posters on the subreddit / r / YouTubeMusic, the limit on uploaded music has been lifted. The OP / u / TheOvy share that they “could download all uploads” was in their existing playlists:

I noticed late at night that when I was scrolling through a long playlist it was no longer loaded piecemeal, but loaded completely. Surprised by the change, I decided to hit the download button and see if that changed too … and it did! The message “Only uploaded music can be played offline” appears and you can then download all uploads that are on your playlist (in the case of my autoplaylist “Your Likes” that’s all!).

Commenters on the original thread also confirmed that they can download their uploaded content in playlists at the free tier of YouTube Music for Android and iOS – that’s a big step. Previously, you could only download tracks and albums individually. Lifting this limit for free users with a large library of Google Play Music in place is probably a big deal for those wondering which music platform to join instead of the outbound service.

While we’re still a small chunk away from YouTube Music and getting full feature parity with Google Play Music, at least you have a loophole to access your playlists while you make up your mind.

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