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Inflation in Germany at 1.7 percent

Wiesbaden. Rising energy prices further boosted inflation in Germany in March. The annual rate of increase was 1.7 percent,...

Inflation: Rising prices in Germany are fueling fears of inflation

Inflation is always an issue in Germany, even when it is absent. Strictly speaking, the picture is more differentiated: women seem to be...

Commercial real estate as inflation profiteers | Markets | 03/26/2021

Commercial property prices are driven by many factors. One of them is inflation. The DWS Group's experts are convinced that their development...

Bitcoin – speculation or inflation protection? | message

Bitcoin got off to a brilliant start in the new year and is back on everyone's lips after a two-year period of rest. ...

The wave of inflation is coming – why is the gold price staying down?

The US Congress has passed the largest economic stimulus program in the country's history: Joseph Biden's administration wants to distribute $ 1.9 trillion to...
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