1: 1 in the Vienna Derby: Rapid against Austria remains without a winner


Tore: 1: 0 (7th) Schick, 1: 1 (19th) Wimmer.
Yellow cards: Hofmann or Handl, Hahn, Zwierschitz, Teigl.
Rapid: Gartler – Stojkovic, Barac, Hofmann, Ullmann – Schick, Ritzmaier – Arase (69th Fountas), Grahovac, Knasm├╝llner (78th Demir) – Kara.
Austria: Pentz – Teigl, Handl, Palmer-Brown, Suttner – Sarkaria (65th Fitz), Zwierschitz, Hahn, Jukic (84th Ebner) – Wimmer (55th Monschein), Pichler.

The highlights:

  • 7. Minute: Ullmann comes free to flank on the left, Suttner has moved a little too far in and Schick comes free to shoot at the second post. The ball lands in the far corner. 1-0 for Rapid.
  • 19. Minute: Sarkaria’s free kick into the Rapid penalty area and Wimmer is spot on and heads the ball into the goal to make it 1-1.
  • 23. Minute: Austria goalie Pentz prevents the further deficit: He keeps shots from Ritzmaier and Kara in a row.
  • 35. Minute: This time it is Rapid goalkeeper Gartler who excels and averts the 1: 2. Wimmer almost scored his second goal.
  • 40. Minute: Barac comes into the fray after a sharp ball, but thinks too long. The chance is gone. And just a minute later, Hofmann managed a good header on goal, but Pentz was back on the spot.
  • 53. Minute: And Pentz again – Hofmann comes after a corner to the header, centrally high on the goal. And Pentz is back with his fingers.
  • 76. Minute: Kara and Ritzmaier play well together, but the Rapids shot is repulsed by Pentz.

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