19-year-old kicked and sprayed with irritant gas


BerlinFrom a group of at least ten people, an adolescent is said to have been attacked and injured in Neukölln on Sunday afternoon. The police announced this on Monday. The background to the dispute, which took place at around 5.45 p.m. in Hermannstrasse, is currently unclear.

Before the fight, there was a video shoot, for which around 30 to 40 people are said to have come together. The emergency services are said to have noticed that a 19-year-old was attacked by several people and pushed to the ground.

There he is said to have been kicked in the upper body and face. When those involved saw the police officers, they are said to have fled undetected. According to the police, the questioning of witnesses revealed that the strangers had also used irritant gas against the 19-year-old in the attack. He is said to have been treated by paramedics on site. More officials had to be called in to assist, who denied the people relocations and broke up the gathering, the officials said.

A criminal investigation was initiated on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm.

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