“2020 is saved!”: No Angels, Monrose & many more now on Spotify


“2020 is saved”, “life has meaning again” or “a dream comes true” – it seems as if the fans of the “Popstars” band No Angels have only been waiting for this moment for years.

The reason to be happy: Due to a contract between the record company BMG and Cheyenne Records, BMG now receives all rights from bands and solo artists who emerged from the casting show “Popstars” between 2000 and 2010, such as BLICK.de reported on November 27th – that’s 600 songs! That means: Not only fans of the No Angels get their money’s worth, but also fans of Monrose or Bro’Sis and many other performers have every reason to be happy.

The former No Angels have already expressed their joy on their Instagram accounts.

“I’m so happy that the time has finally come and our music and videos are available!” Wrote former angel Lucy Diakovska (@lucydiakovska) in a post. Band colleague Sandy Mölling (@sandymoelling) also addressed her fans in a video message and protested how grateful she was for the positive response. She is also very happy and has already used the streaming option herself to reminisce about old times.

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