30-year-olds walking on the road: New details about the fatal accident on the A38


Fatal accident on Tuesday evening on the A38 near Leipzig: A 30-year-old man was walking on the road and was hit by a car.

Leipzig – Dramatic scenes took place yesterday evening on the Autobahn 38 near Leipzig: A 30-year-old man was walking on the lane and was hit by a car. He died at the scene of the accident.

The injured 30-year-old had previously crashed into the guardrail several times with his Peugeot. © News5 / pit

The fatal accident occurred around 6.30 p.m. on the A38 in the direction of Göttingen between Leipzig-Süd and Leipzig-Neue Harth (TAG24 reported).

The 30-year-old driver of a car with a Polish license plate had previously crashed his car against a guardrail several times, as a spokesman for the Leipzig police said.

The man then got out of the white Peugeot to stop other drivers. He is said to have tried to warn road users.

The 30-year-old was hit by a passing car and fatally injured.

The A38 had to be closed until 11:50 p.m.
The police have released further information about the tragic accident on the A38.

Accordingly, after getting out of his car, the 30-year-old tried to stop several vehicles with the help of an elongated object. According to the current status, he is said to have damaged three cars.

The driver who finally caught the 30-year-old is said to be a 39-year-old German.

The police have now started an investigation into a negligent homicide in connection with the traffic accident.

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