56 more votes – housing protection initiative was only accepted with an ultra-narrow margin


The Baselbiet electorate approves of the Corona rent subsidies for businesses. (Symbolic picture: Keystone)


The electorate will decide on various cantonal and national proposals on Sunday. You are always up to date in the ticker.

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André Auderset: “The people of Basel like the port”
André Auderset, Managing Director of the Swiss Association for Shipping and Port Management, is “very satisfied” with the vote of the Basel electorate for harbor basin 3. The result shows that the people of Basel “like the port”. Auderset is therefore also confident that the project will clear the hurdles that still lie ahead in court.

(Video: Telebasel)

Ultra tight decision on housing protection

A revision of the Housing Promotion Act as implementation of the tenant protection initiative adopted in 2018 was only just accepted in Basel-Stadt with 50.05 percent yes votes. From the point of view of the initiators and the left-wing camp, the demands of the initiative were watered down by the Grand Council to such an extent that they called the referendum. With 28,307 against 28,251 votes, the sovereign approved the revision of the law.

The topic is not off the table. A formulated second tenant protection initiative is pending in the city canton. Their treatment in the cantonal parliament is still pending.

Voters speak more money for Basel youth culture

With 33,020 against 24,007 votes or 57.90 percent yes, the initiative “Strengthen Active Basel Youth Culture”, the so-called tip initiative of the association “City of Culture Now”, was also accepted. This means that in future five percent of the city’s cultural budget will be used for youth culture.

In 2019, Basel-Stadt’s cultural budget was CHF 134 million. Five percent would be 6.7 million francs. So far, around 2.5 to 3.5 percent of the culture budget has gone into alternative culture. It is not yet clear whether the cultural budget should be increased or the funds should be distributed differently to implement the initiative.

Final results Basel-Stadt: Harbor basin 3 accepted
The new port basin 3 in Basel has cleared another hurdle. In a referendum vote, the sovereign approved a CHF 115 million loan for the project with a clear 57.13 percent yes-vote.

33,212 yes were compared to 24,919 no. The turnout was 57.77 percent. The new port basin is to be built on the former Deutsche Bahn shunting yard in northern Basel.

Whether the 330-meter-long harbor basin will actually be built is still open. The prerequisite is the realization of the Gateway Basel Nord. However, this container handling center for ship, rail and road is highly controversial. There are complaints pending against the project at various courts, including against federal contributions.

City of culture Now: “Historic day for youth culture”
The non-partisan committee Kulturstadt Jetzt cheers in a statement about the vote of the Basel voters in favor of the tip initiative. It is a “historic day for youth culture,” they say. Basel is taking on a pioneering role in promoting youth culture. The cantonal budget for cultural funding has now been increased to around 6.7 million francs.

Baselland says yes to Corona rental assistance – national bills rejected
The final results from the canton of Baselland have arrived. After counting all 86 municipalities, it is clear: The law on contributions to business rents in the Corona crisis will be passed with 55.24 percent yes-votes.

(Graphic: Canton of Basel-Landschaft)

The national initiatives on corporate responsibility and the ban on financing war material producers are clearly rejected.

Corporate responsibility initiative:

(Graphic: Canton of Basel-Landschaft)

War Material Initiative:

(Graphic: Canton of Basel-Landschaft)

Basel-based companies are likely to receive Corona rent subsidies

Shops that were severely affected by the first wave of the Corona crisis are to be supported retrospectively with rent relief in the canton of Basel-Landschaft. A yes to the so-called three-thirds model is emerging.

After counting 73 of the 86 Basel-biet municipalities, 27,073 yes 23,417 no. This results in a yes-vote share of 53.62 percent.

According to the three-thirds model, the canton pays a third of the rent if the landlord foregoes a third of the rental income. The tenant of business premises still has the last third.

District President Ackermann is pleased with the tip decision
Shortly after the interim results were announced, Elisabeth Ackermann commented on the Basel city submissions in a video. She is relieved by the looming yes to the tip initiative: “Of course I am pleased that the Basel population has spoken out in favor of broad cultural support”. You now have to talk to the initiators about the concrete implementation of the template.

(Video: Youtube / Canton of Basel-Stadt)

Tight decision on housing protection
There is still no clear trend in the law on housing protection: Currently, 50.29 percent of Basel’s electorate are in favor of the Grand Council resolution on amending the law on housing subsidies. 49.71 percent are against it. This race remains exciting.

  • Grand Council resolution regarding amendments to the Act on Housing Subsidies (Housing Subsidy Act, WRFG)
    YES votes: 27,485 (50.29%)
    NO votes: 27,165 (49.71%)
Basel-Stadt: yes-trend to harbor basin 3 and tip initiative
The first interim results from the canton of Basel-Stadt are here. In the vote on harbor basin 3, a yes emerged. According to the previous count, 57.36 percent of the voters support the realization of the harbor basin.

  • Grand Council resolution regarding the granting of expenditure for the realization of the harbor basin 3
    YES votes: 32,213 (57.36%)
    NO votes: 23,945 (42.64%)

More about it here.

Things are also looking good for the tip initiative:

  • Cantonal initiative “Strengthening Basel’s active youth culture: Tip initiative”
    FOR-Votes: 31,588 (57.40%)
    NO votes: 23,446 (42.60%)
No to war deals initiative – corporate responsibility template still open
The first national extrapolation to the national submissions shows: In the war deals initiative, a no is at the ballot box, as SRF reports. No trend is foreseeable yet in the initiative on corporate responsibility.

(Image: Canton of Basel-Stadt)

(Image: Canton of Basel-Stadt)

You can still vote until 12 noon
High voter turnout in Basel-Stadt
The Basel electorate also goes to the polls in the second ballot for the government and for national and cantonal proposals. Around 40 percent have already sent their voting papers by post or deposited them directly in the town hall. That is almost 10 percent more than at the same time four years ago. With the group responsibility initiative and the vote on harbor basin 3, a hot iron will be decided both nationally and cantonally.

The Telebasel News article from November 25, 2020.

Approval for national initiatives recently decreased
The group responsibility initiative and the war material initiative, which will be voted on on November 29, recently lost approval. This was shown by the second wave of the SRG trend survey on both templates.

Read more about this here.

The electorate in Basel will decide on this proposal:

  • Law on the payment of rent contributions to tenants of business premises in connection with the coronavirus (Covid-19) of August 27, 2020
The Basel electorate will deal with the following submissions this Sunday:

  • Initiative «Strengthening Active Basel Youth Culture: Tip Initiative»

The Telebasel News article from October 22, 2020.

  • Grand Council resolution of February 12, 2020 regarding the approval of expenditure for the realization of the port basin 3

The Telebasel Talk on November 10, 2020.

  • Grand Council resolution of April 23, 2020 regarding amendments to the Act on Housing Subsidies (Housing Subsidy Act, WRFG)

This is what proponents of the law say:

The Telebasel News article from November 6, 2020.

What the opponents say:

The Telebasel News article from November 3, 2020.

Switzerland will vote on this
The Swiss electorate will decide on two proposals on Sunday, November 29th:

  • The popular initiative “For responsible companies – to protect people and the environment”

(Video: Youtube / The Swiss Federal Council)

  • The popular initiative «For a ban on the financing of war material producers»

(Video: Youtube / The Swiss Federal Council)

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