71-year-old runs over his own wife while parking


He actually just wanted to park his car, but then he ran over his own wife: In Spandau a 71-year-old man made a serious mistake while maneuvering.

In Berlin-Spandau, a 71-year-old ran over his own wife while parking. As the police announced on Wednesday, the fatal incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon when the man wanted to park in Kurstrasse.

Because he apparently did not succeed, he asked his 64-year-old wife to get out and show him to the parking lot. First he drove backwards according to the information, but then wanted to correct again and drove forward to where his wife was standing. According to his own statements, he overlooked this and drove to it.

The woman then fell and was run over by the husband’s car in the area of ​​the lower leg. She suffered leg injuries and was taken to hospital.

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