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According to current information from the Senate Administration, 12 deaths related to Covid-19 were recorded in the last 24 hours. A total of 65,145 corona cases have been counted in the capital since the beginning of the pandemic.

1142 (previous day: 1129) people are currently being treated in hospitals for the consequences of a corona infection, 316 (previous day: 304) of them in intensive care units. All other infected people are currently in quarantine at home.

There were 12 more deaths. This means that the number of residents of the capital who died in connection with a Covid 19 disease is 565.

District overview

Most new infections compared to the previous day reported Pankow (+206). In addition to Mitte, Reinickendorf, Spandau, Treptow and Lichtenberg, the district did not provide any information on Sunday. As before, Mitte is the district with the most recorded corona cases (9177), followed by Neukölln (8953) and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (6431).

With the 7-day incidence, Spandau leads the statistics with a value of 302.6. In five other districts the incidence is over 200, in all Berlin districts over 100. The incidence for Berlin is 206.9.

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43,409 people have now recovered from the virus (previous day: 42,014). That is a plus of 1395. So there are currently 21,171 (previous day: 21,653) acute and known corona cases in the capital.

The corona traffic lights

The reproduction value of the last four days is 0.80 (previous day: 0.92) – the traffic light is GREEN.

If the limit value of 1.1 is exceeded three times in a row, the traffic light turns yellow. If the value of 1.2 is exceeded three times, the traffic light turns red. If the value is below 1, one person infects less than one other person on average.

For new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the value is 206.9 (previous day: 202.0) – the traffic light is RED here.

The limit value for a yellow traffic light is 20, at 30 the traffic light turns red. Berlin has been a risk area since the value 50 has been exceeded.

The occupancy rate of the intensive care beds by corona patients is 25.2% (previous day: 24.2%) – the traffic light lights up after one day back to YELLOW now RED again. She jumped to RED on Saturday.

The limit values ​​here are 15 (yellow) and 25 (red) percent.

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