A bazaar for artificial intelligence


Austria founds Europe’s first marketplace for AI solutions, so that small and medium-sized companies can also have easier access to intelligent machines.

Wien. Austria is a good breeding ground for artificial intelligence (AI). Although the country appears in the relevant – American and Chinese-dominated – rankings at best as a footnote, Austria’s AI companies are right at the fore in some niches such as speech recognition or partially automated cancer diagnosis. The broad mass of domestic companies do not benefit from this. That should change now.

The first European online platform to network (Austrian) providers of artificial intelligence with one another and with potential customers can be found at www.ki-marktplatz.at since Tuesday. “Artificial intelligence is a key technology for Austria’s competitiveness,” says Economics Minister Margerete Schramböck (ÖVP). Europe slept too long. With this marketplace, “local medium-sized companies would also have access to AI for the first time.”

The biggest advantage of the initiative, which was implemented by AWS: All AI companies present themselves on the platform with practical application examples, says industry legend Michael Hirschbrich. “This makes your often complex offer tangible”. The aim of the marketplace is to give an overview of the domestic offer for AI so that companies can quickly find partners for their projects.
A quarter of the 200 domestic AI providers are currently part of the platform. For technology companies, too, the marketplace offers more than just the opportunity to address new customers. 27,000 national and 4,000 international data sets are made freely accessible via the platform so that companies can train their algorithms.

Quality control for providers

The AI ​​marketplace is part of the aws Connect online platform, where four other marketplaces with currently around 1,650 participants are already active for networking. These include the contact marketplace for investors and companies (aws Equity Finder), Industry-Start-up.Net as a networking service between start-ups and established companies, aws i2Business Angels to bring start-up investors together and the Global Incubator Network (GIN) for networking with international investors, incubators and accelerators.

The new platform has been online since Tuesday, and providers can register at www.awsconnect.at. Providers are checked for their quality, but interested companies do not need to register.

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