A big celebration has been announced for the 25th anniversary


As every Pokemon fan now knows, the Pokemon Company is planning a special celebration for its 25th anniversary in 2021 and promises surprises. It was actually only a matter of time before the event was announced, now it has been officially hosted on Twitter.

According to the tweet, the celebration will begin next year and fans can expect more details soon. The original announcement came during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, when a troop from Pikachu performed a dance to the original Pokemon theme song and unveiled the 25th anniversary logo.

It’s hard to believe, but this year the franchise celebrated its 24th birthday. And it has lost none of its topicality and attractiveness. Millions of fans worldwide, from small to large, know it and the many different Pokemons.

As for the announcement, there have been some rumors floating around the internet lately. Of course there are some video games to come, including a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. If there isn’t time for a 25th anniversary remake, then when? Fans can definitely expect a new video game.

Of course, a new title should not be missing. The 25th birthday is still a few months away, so there is still enough time to announce something from the company.

Pokemon is celebrating its 25th birthday in February 2021. Pikachu and Co like that.

When did the first Pokemon game appear?

The story goes back a long way. On February 27, 1996, “Poketto Monsutā Midori / Aka” was released for the first time in Japan for the Game Boy. The name Pokemon was first used for the red and blue editions. Overall, the series made a considerable number of video games. After all, 80 (!) Titles have already appeared.

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