A crazy twist in the event of the death of the popular smartphone series


Only recently, Samsung is said to have confirmed: There will be no more Galaxy Note models. The popular Note series is about to end. The S-Pen, however, should live on in the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Confirmation now follows. According to a Korean report, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will actually hit the market with an S-Pen. But there is a twist with the Galaxy Note range.

There should also be a Galaxy Note in the coming year. Samsung wants to reduce the series to a single model. There should no longer be a plus or ultra version in 2021. Instead, according to the Korean news site ETNews, only the Galaxy Note 21 will go on sale – with an S-Pen, of course.

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The reasons for Samsung’s deforestation

It is an open secret that the Galaxy Note 20 series lags behind the successes of its previous generations. Once the smartphones with the pen were almost as popular as the S-series models, the tide has turned. This could be due to the fact that Samsung dismantled the Note series. The Note 20, for example, no longer comes up with high-end specifications, as the first generations always did. And the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also showed some significant weaknesses in our test. While Samsung’s Note models were once considered flagships for technology and innovation, today they are just off-the-shelf smartphones.

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In addition: Note models were once called “phablets” because they were larger than normal smartphones and tended towards tablets. Today there are no longer any differences in size compared to other top models such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Whether the Note 20 Ultra or the S20 Ultra – both devices have a 6.9 inch display.

The focus is on butterflies

That should also be the reason why Samsung is now taking a step back and is focusing again on a single top model. Another reason is likely to be related to Samsung’s folding smartphones. The Fold series has also not been very popular with smartphone users so far. The Koreans apparently want to change that by equipping the foldable cell phones with a pen and paying more attention to the devices than was previously the case. A reduction in the number of notes to the essentials helps immensely. Will that give wings to the expensive folders, whose foldable display offers hardly any advantages over a standard smartphone? The question will probably be answered in 2021.

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