“A difficult person”: Watzke explains Tuchel’s separation


Hans-Joachim Watzke commented on Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal at the time. In the podcast with Sandra Maischberger, the managing director of Borussia Dortmund said: “We broke up because it just didn’t fit.” Tuchel was “Already a difficult person, you can now see that in Paris too.”

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Nevertheless, Watzke referred to his former adversary as “Fantastic trainer”, with which, however, it did not fit on a human level. The BVB boss assures that the Dortmund management was to blame for the split: “They always say you should sweep your own door. But I still don’t see the big mistake today. “

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Tuchel and Watzke are like fire and water. And even if Tuchel fell out with other people involved at BVB at the time – the split with Watzke was the one that ultimately led to the separation. Regarding Tuchel’s honor, it should be said: At PSG, the relationship with sports director Leonardo is very bad, but despite some controversial personnel decisions, the team has so far been almost unreservedly behind the German trainer.

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