A World Apart: Early Access: Livestock-Update bringt wilde Tiere


With the “Livestock Update”, the ninth Early Access content update for Endzone – A World Apart (from 21,59€ at buy) has been published. It enlivens the end-of-time world of the survival building strategy game with animals roaming around in the area. In the hunting lodge there is an additional option to catch wild animals. The tamed animals can be kept as farm animals on the ‘pasture’ (also new).
Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studios: “In addition to new animals and the pasture, another new building sees the light in the end zone: the food counter. In the food counter, food is constantly being replenished and can thus shorten the settlers’ walk to eating. Speaking of food: From now on there are new delicious recipes in the kitchen This allows settlers to be served hearty meals, cakes and stews, for example. The tutorial has been expanded and explains the food production and animal use in detail so that no one loses track of the new possibilities Settlers no longer change their occupations uncontrollably and their general behavior is simulated even more realistically. “

You can find the early access roadmap here. The full version should be published in 2021.

Last current video: Livestock Update Trailer

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