A66 near Hanau: Kilometers of traffic jam after a van accident


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Kilometers of traffic jam on the A66 towards Frankfurt: an accident occurs between Hanau and Maintal, the police are on site.

Hanau – On the A66 in the direction Frankfurt it is to one accident came. On the Highway extends a kilometer Stay.

Accident on the A66 in the direction of Frankfurt: Small van overturns between Hanau and Maintal

According to a police spokesman, an Opel Vivaro tipped over on the road at around 5 p.m. The vehicle is currently on its side and needs to be recovered. For work on the Accident site between Hanau-Nord and Maintal-Dörnigheim had the police Completely block the motorway. Rescue workers are still on site, a tow truck with a large crane was called for the van.

The person who caused the accident is a man from Wiesbaden, born in 1969. He was taken to a hospital and stayed with him Crash on the A66 but unharmed. According to the police, he should have been drunk.

After an accident on the A66 near Hanau, drivers do not form a proper rescue lane

Due to the blocking of the A66 there is currently a kilometer-long traffic jam in Towards Frankfurt. A few road users did not form a proper rescue lane, said the police spokesman. From Hanau-Nord, a diversion via the U36 and U38 is recommended.

The police are currently still at the accident site. When the Blocking the A66 is currently not known. The detailed accident situation has yet to be determined. (Tim Vincent Dicke)

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