Accident Atlas: Mondays are the most common crashes in Berlin


Traffic in Berlin

Accident Atlas: Mondays are the most common crashes in Berlin

Car accidents in numbers: According to the carom atlas, Berlin is in second place behind Hamburg, Brandenburg is in last place

Berlin. Scratches, dents, chipped paint – or total loss? Every eighth vehicle owner from Berlin is involved in an accident every year, in Brandenburg, however, it is only around one in 13th This is the result of the current collision atlas of the insurance company “Generali”.

It crashes particularly often in Charlottenburg, in other words in the wealthier south-west of Berlin. In the Halensee district there, the loss frequency is 23.5 percent. The neighboring Wilmersdorf (16.9 percent) and Schmargendorf (15.9 percent) take second and third place.

On the other hand, things are more relaxed for car owners in suburban areas such as Bohnsdorf in the south-east: Here, the loss frequency is only 7.4 percent. In Borsigwalde in the north-west of the capital, the damage frequency is 8.3 percent and in Mahlsdorf on the eastern edge of the city, drivers have to worry less about their cars at 8.4 percent.

Detailed claims for each district

For the representative study by the insurance company, more than 270,000 claims from 2019 across Germany were taken into account. On a nationwide average, every eleventh owner has a car damage, the accident rate in Germany is 9.1 percent. The new front-runner in a country comparison is Hamburg with 12 percent, closely followed by Berlin with 11.7 percent. The accident atlas contains detailed damage cases per district especially for Berlin. For Germany, data per district can be viewed on an interactive map.

BMW drivers most often involved in accidents

In terms of liability claims, BMW drivers across Germany are most frequently affected (5.5 liability claims per year per 100 insured persons), followed by Audi drivers (5.4 claims). Fiat (3.6 damage) and Toyota (3.7) drivers are apparently more cautious.

Horsepower was also examined: most damage is recorded by cars with an output between 101 and 150 hp – they account for 46 percent of all damage. More than one in ten damage costs more than 5000 euros to be repaired. Almost every third damage is more than 2500 euros. Damage over 10,000 euros only accounts for around 3 percent of all damage.

Expensive Berlin: The average cost per damage in the capital is 2752 euros – in Brandenburg it is only 2207 euros. Berlin is around 400 euros above the national average. Glass and headlights in particular are at the top of the repair list.

It crashes most often on Mondays

Incidentally, most accidents happen on the unloved Monday – there is no other day of the week with almost 18 percent damage as at the start of the week. One reason for this is likely to be commuter traffic. The least damage was recorded on Sunday at 8.5 percent, when many Germans leave their cars behind. Incidentally, the number of accidents is highest in the summer months of June (10.7 percent) and July (9.1 percent). In contrast, there are fewest accidents in December and November. Ice and slippery roads seem to encourage drivers to drive carefully.

Whether a man or a woman makes little difference when it comes to the frequency of damage: every eleventh male vehicle owner was affected by damage in 2019, and one in ten female drivers.

At the beginning of 2020 Germany had 47.7 million registered passenger cars, according to “Generali” that is an increase of more than half a million vehicles compared to 2019. Measured by the number of inhabitants, more than every second German citizen owns a car.

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