According to Anschober, the situation is “still at a dramatically high level” – Coronavirus Vienna


According to Anschober, the situation is still very serious.

According to Anschober, the current situation is “still at a dramatically high level”. The overload and intensive care units should not become permanent.

“The number of new infections continues to fall on the 13th day of the lockdown, but is still at a dramatically high level, the situation is still very serious,” commented Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) on the current data. If the numbers in the hospitals do not continue to rise, we could prevent capacities from being exceeded and even the threat of triages.

Overloading the intensive care units must not become permanent

But overloading the intensive care units as is currently the case cannot and must not be permanent. “The interventions that have now been postponed must be made up for quickly. And the onset of the flu epidemic with a significant additional burden on the hospitals is to be expected in December,” said the minister.

The development of the reproduction factor is encouraging, which at 0.88 is now well below 1 again. That is the prerequisite for further falling numbers of new infections. Anschober: “The coming week, the last part of the lockdown, must lead to a massive reduction in the number of new infections. We can and must all contribute to this.” Consistently maintain the minimum distance, practice hygiene and implement measures. And basically avoid as many contacts as possible, think carefully about what really needs to be done this week. It’s a turning point week. We not only have to continue the trend of falling numbers of new infections, but also massively strengthen it. “

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