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The comedy star has shed over 20 pounds in the past few months and feels great. The last pounds fell off during her cure in the Salzkammergut.

The Australian actress Rebel Wilson (40, “Pitch Perfect”) has not only declared 2020 to be her personal health year, but has also successfully followed through with her iron diet program. In the meantime, the blonde comedy star is said to have lost at least 20 kilos and feels better than ever before. Too much pressure and stress had been responsible for her unhealthy lifestyle in the past, she said recently on the US talk show by actress Drew Barrymore (45).

Wilson reveals her diet secret

Meanwhile, Wilson has also drastically changed her diet as part of her health diet. According to the magazine “People”, the Meyr method mainly includes old rolls, milk, Epsom salt and tea on the menu. In addition, abdominal massages and light physical exercise should bring additional success and shed the kilos. This plan should now have worked successfully. As Rebel proudly announces in her Instagram story, she has now reached her target weight of 75 kilos.

Successful spa stay in the Salzkammergut

Even if she is not about a number, but about being healthy, this result helps her to stay motivated, she writes. “I’ll never be absolutely thin,” admits the actress. “But I feel so much healthier.” Incidentally, Rebel shed the last kilos up to the target weight during a spa stay at Lake Altaussee. Against the impressive natural backdrop of the Salzkammergut, her more than 9 million Instagram followers have so far kept up to date. At the beginning of next week, Wilson should go back to the USA.

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