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For a long time it looked as if the Admira truism of five defeats in a row, including the cup-out against Kapfenberg on penalties, could be over on Saturday, but in the end the Südstadters are back with zero points.

With the intermediate score of 2-0 after 20 minutes in the home game against Hartberg, only very few thought that Admira would give the game out of hand, but a strong comeback of the East Styrians turned the result completely on its head before the end of 90 minutes ( Match report >>>).

“We had everything completely under control in the first half. Actually you have to go into the second half with such a chest that there shouldn’t have been anything to shake the victory. Unfortunately we are back with zero points after two standard goals.” , said a contrite Admira goalkeeper Andreas Leitner after the game to “Sky”.

“In our situation it is difficult for you to finish a game in a cool way, even if you are in the lead. The bottom line is that it is just the simple goals we conceded. That is just plain bitter,” said Leitner.

“There will be better times again”

“We were very good in the game at the beginning and rewarded ourselves with two goals. The penalty situation before the break was the crux of the matter for me. I don’t want to judge the penalty. But maybe you don’t have to get that close to the opponent,” said Admira- Head coach Damir Buric.

“The main problem is the set pieces, it runs like a red thread through the games. We’re working on it, but it hasn’t worked yet. Our naivety in some situations runs through the whole season. We make too many simple mistakes. Of course that is Big disappointment now, “says Buric.

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Admira only has four points after nine rounds, which means the last place in the table. In the southern part of the city, however, there is great hope for a speedy recovery.

“The season will go on for a long time. Of course it’s not nice if you haven’t won anything lately, but we have to stay close together, then better times will come again,” said Andreas Leitner.

However, the coming weeks won’t be easier for Admira. The last three opponents before the winter break are Salzburg, Sturm and Rapid. “We take it from a sporting point of view, it’s just always a new challenge. We can see how our players do against top teams. It’s important to see which players we can continue planning with.”

Schopp: “Great relief”

On the part of TSV Hartberg they are celebrating their first victory in almost a month, even though they were almost hopelessly behind after a short period of play.

“It’s a nice feeling to score once again, especially after the game. I feel a lot of relief. A big compliment to the team who, apart from the two dropouts, gave everything for the entire 90 minutes to get the three points make “, says Hartberg head coach Markus Schopp.

However, Schopp does not want to accept the fact that Admira completely dominated the initial phase. “We were 2-0 down out of nowhere, the opponent was twice in front of our goal and we scored twice. I think we were there well up until then. The penalty before the break was extremely important, the team saw that we also meet. “

“The team invested a lot and we rewarded ourselves with three points. The standard situations made our lives easier. When you have a win, things are a lot easier. I’m confident for the next few weeks,” said a happy Markus Schopp.

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