Advertising in Windows 10: Nasty button in the settings


As ghacks reports, many users are currently seeing a new dialog in the settings. In addition to the new account information, a banner advertises making more of Windows 10. Anyone who clicks on the button below – or simply overlooks the tiny skip button below – will quickly realize that Microsoft’s advertised improvements are mainly about its own services. Whether logging in via Windows Hello, connecting to the smartphone via your smartphone or file synchronization via OneDrive: Microsoft would like to see all of this in your account.

In the further course of the setup, the program also prompts you to use Edge and Bing as the standard browser and search engine and at the end there is a deal for Office 365. Those who prefer to leave the screen also only have the option to do it again in three days to be reminded of it. The button does not yet appear in the settings for all users; it may be an A / B test by Microsoft.

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