After a mysterious argument: the body of the Instagram model found


What is Alexis Sharkey happened? A few days ago, followers of the US influencer became very concerned. She was reported missing online by her mother, Stacey Robinault. Now straightened out Alexis‘Mother with shocking news to her daughter’s fans: Alexis was found dead. Now there is suspicion that the 26-year-old has fallen victim to a crime: Because hours before she should die Alexis quarreled with a previously unknown person!

Across from Eyewitness News gave Stacey that Alexis disappeared after the Thanksgiving celebrations. Her daughter’s friends are said to have heard from her for the last time last Friday at 6 p.m. All calls should then have been forwarded directly to your mailbox. Just before they disappear Alexis allegedly had an argument with a previously unidentified person, the mother continued to admit. The Houston police are now investigating the Instagram’s death.

Last Sunday, Stacey briefed the public about her child’s death. “Heartbroken, we want to inform you that Lexi’s body has been found”she confirmed on Facebook. She also shared two photos of her daughter. Alexis just celebrated her wedding with her partner Tom in December last year. Nothing is known about the exact circumstances of her death.

Instagram / alexissharkey

Alexis Sharkey im August 2020
Alexis Sharkey, 2020

Instagram / alexissharkey

Alexis Sharkey, 2020
Alexis Sharkey and her partner Tom

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