After attack on transsexuals: 16-year-old imprisoned | Regional


Frankfurt – Several people attacked a person from Offenbach (20) in the city center on the Zeil, now a young person (16) was imprisoned because of the risk of blackout! Charge: dangerous bodily harm.

During the attack in mid-November in the entrance area of ​​the “My Zeil” shopping center, there were brawls among 150 people on Saturday evening. According to the police, “transphobic motives” should have played a role.

About ten people (14-30) were arrested, including the 16-year-old.

All – with the exception of the 16-year-old – were released from custody in the course of the evening, but were sent off for the area of ​​the Zeil.

Explosive: The 16-year-old youth is said to have been involved in the attacks on police officers on the Zeil at the end of October. At the time, officials were pelted with bottles and eggs.

The police had set up a working group at the House of Youth Law in Frankfurt-Höchst for the investigation, and videos of the crime that were circulating on the internet were evaluated.

According to the police, the 20-year-old victim is a man according to the passport and is said to have been insulted and kicked in front of a shopping center.

When the victim resisted, more and more bystanders joined the brawl.

According to the police, the 20-year-old campaigned publicly for LGBTTIQ groups online. (LGBTTIQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.)

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