After corona infection: how long does immunity last? Surprising study result


Anyone who has been infected with the coronavirus is protected from a second infection for a while – but for how long? Researchers have now published the latest results:

We keep our distance, wear masks and observe hygiene rules – in the fight against the coronavirus, we all have to avoid contact with others as much as possible. This is the only way to ensure that the health system is not overloaded and that high-risk patients are not endangered. Nevertheless, they are increasing Coronanumbers further up. Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, Germany over a million people with Covid19 infected. As researchers are now finding out, these people are now protected from the virus for at least a while.

illness Coronavirus
transmission Droplet infection
Course of disease In 80 percent of cases, the disease has mild or moderate symptoms

Corona immunity: study shows – that is how long infected people are protected from Covid-19

The researchers at the University of Oxford have taken up the topic Coronaimmunity dedicated to gaining new knowledge. After all, over 51 million people around the world are infected with Covid-19, but few infected people report re-infection.

For the study are over 12,000 healthcare workers on the Coronavirus been tested to find out how many antibody they have developed. The test period is 30 weeks, from April to November. The scientists determine: Who Coronaantibody has developed is very likely immune against Covid19. According to the study, it can be assumed that the Corona immunity lasts for at least six months. „This is really good news because we can be sure that most of the people who have had COVID-19 will not get it again, at least in the short term ”said Professor David Eyre, one of the study’s authors.

It is even entirely conceivable that the immunity will last longer than half a year. However, no further results are yet available. They want to continue to monitor developments in the health sector to see how long the protection persists and whether a previous infection is the Heaviness of The course of the disease influenced.

Latest research results: immune to corona for over half a year

Researchers from the USA come to similar conclusions. They have them too immunity after a Coronainfection examined and therefor 185 people who are already at Covid19 sick, checked. The result shows that those who have recovered even still immune to the coronavirus after eight months are.

The results of the two researches also provide information about the corona vaccine and how long it may protect against the virus. The vaccine is expected to be approved by Pfizer and BioNTech on December 10th. Then you can start with the vaccinations against Corona. In autumn 2021, 70 percent of the population should be vaccinated. The vaccine is said to offer 95 percent protection against corona and hardly have any side effects.

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