After the mayor election in Stuttgart: In Tengen they are not unhappy about Schreier’s narrow defeat – Stuttgart


By Konstantin Schwarz

Frank Nopper from the CDU won the mayor election in Stuttgart. Second placed Marian Schreier returns to Tengen, third placed Hannes Rockenbauch continues to fight for climate protection.

Marian Schreier returns to Tengen after a respectable success in Stuttgart. His first term as mayor ends there in February 2023.

Foto: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko

Stuttgart – The withdrawal of Veronika Kienzle (Greens) and Martin Körner (SPD) in the second round of the Stuttgart mayor election created tension not only for Marian Schreier and Hannes Rockenbauch. With 36.9 and 17.8 percent, as previously forecast in surveys, they had to admit defeat to Frank Nopper (CDU, 42.3 percent).

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