After violence against blacks: Four police officers charged in Paris


Four police officers have been charged in Paris after the brutal use against a black music producer. The case had caused horror in France, with hundreds of thousands demonstrating.

Because of the attack on the black music producer Michel Zecler, charges were brought against the four police officers involved in France that night.

Three of the four officers have to answer for “willful violence by a person with sovereign authority” and “forgery”. The AFP news agency learned this from judicial circles.

Beaten, kicked and racially insulted

Video recordings from a surveillance camera show how the police beat, kicked and racially insulted the man in the entrance of his studio about a week ago. The four officers were then suspended and taken into custody.

One of them is charged with throwing a tear gas grenade in the basement of the building where the attack took place.

After the charges were brought on Sunday evening, two police officers were arrested and the other two were released conditionally.

The four police officers had told investigators that the producer had not worn a corona protective mask on the street and had then attacked. Zecler himself said the police attacked him for no reason.

Horror all over France

The case had caused horror across France. After soccer stars like Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé, President Emmanuel Macron was also appalled by the video images.

More than 100,000 people across the country took to the streets against police violence on Saturday.

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