Allotment gardens in Prenzlauer Berg show history from 1896


Pilot project

Allotment gardens in Prenzlauer Berg show history from 1896

A new wayfinding system of the Pankow allotment garden colony Bornholm 1 leads the visitors through more than 120 years of history.

An allotment garden in the border area: This aerial photo demonstrates the location of the Bornholm colony 1 (left) directly on the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.

Photo: Kleingartenanlage Bornholm 1 / BM

Berlin. Allotment gardens in Berlin have a future if they open up as urban places – the Bornholm 1 colony has long been convinced of this. Now the facility is starting a new pilot project together with the Senate Department for the Environment to open up the gardens to everyone. With the help of five large display boards, the Laubenpieper visitors will tell the story of the site in the former East Berlin border area at the Bösebrücke. The depiction of the epochs goes back to the imperial era in 1896. A gardening group will develop and implement the historical signage system over the course of the winter.

How the change progressed in this part of Prenzlauer Berg, will be able to understand passers-by mainly by means of historical aerial photographs. Especially in times of the corona pandemic, the allotment garden with its open gates should serve as a place to relax for neighbors.

Allotment garden area Bornholm 1 has more visitors in the Corona crisis

“The Bornholmer Gardens have been a mirror of the history of Berlin for more than 120 years and today supply the growing city with biodiversity, fresh air and social neighborhood help,” says the honorary association chairman Robert Die. “During the corona pandemic in particular, we encountered even more walkers from Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow and Wedding in our facility.” .

With its history project, the Pankow facility has qualified as one of three Berlin colonies for funding from the Senate Environmental Administration. “The pilot project ‘Wegeleitsystem KGA Bornholm 1’ is an excellent example of multiple use in allotment gardens,” says the administration to justify the selection.

Another part of the pilot project to open up gardens in accordance with the new “Stadtgrün” charter is the construction of a bicycle repair station in the “Freiheit” allotment garden in Neukölln and the establishment of the “Green Meeting Point” in the Dahlwitzer Strasse complex in Hellersdorf. All three projects receive a total of around 25,000 euros.

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