Alpine skiing: Hutter’s search for a feel for snow


Carbon rails on both legs should give the speed specialist support in several ways on the way back. “Left and right so that it can be put on like shoes from the head.” She hopes that this procedure will soon become customary and that she can say: “That helps me, I have a good feeling and I don’t need to think about it anymore. ”

Dosed ski conditioning training is the order of the day for Hütter over the next few weeks. Before any pole training, she still lacks muscle mass. “I’m still four or five kilos away from my ‘fighting weight’.”

Conny Hütter back on the snow

Three cruciate ligament tears within three years: ÖSV speed specialist Cornelia Hütter’s ordeal was long. On Monday, the Styrian made her comeback on snow after an eight-month break.

She may be part of one or the other downhill training in the World Cup in early 2021. “Then I’ll see how I’m doing. Maybe I’ll drive the races at the end of winter or I’ll take the training sessions with me as a racing simulation and build-up phase for the next winter. ”So far, Hütter has made 14 World Cup podiums (most recently on December 1, 2018), and he has two wins .

Coronavirus hidden

At the local farm in Kumberg, in the midst of horses and Styrian highland cattle, she worked in a fitness room for the new comeback. The coronavirus was very present at first and then no longer there. Hütter has isolated himself from her environment and the subject. “When I looked at the numbers every day, I noticed that it wasn’t good for me.”

She has not consumed any news for two months. “When I go shopping, I put on a mask. Otherwise I cut myself off from that. ”The culture shock was all the greater when the athlete came back“ from the ideal world ”to“ reality ”on Sunday – for training in Obergurgl (Tyrol) and her first coronavirus test. “It’s extremely strange what’s going on in general, not just on the ski circuit. I haven’t noticed that in the last few months. “

A long medical record

Hutter’s medical record has long been difficult to understand. January 2017: tear of the anterior cruciate ligament as well as tear of the inner and outer meniscus in the right knee; December 2018: Cartilage fracture on the right thigh roll; January 2019: inner ligament tear in the right knee on the Garmisch run; March 2019: Cruciate ligament tear, inner ligament and meniscus injury in the left knee after a fall at the final in Soldeu; March 2020: Again – this time during training – the cruciate ligament in the left knee tears, as well as the inner ligament and meniscus injury.

Despite all the love for sport, this has to be digested first. There were days when she went skiing “only with operations and pain”. “You think to yourself: The shitty boards can now cross over to me.” These feelings have given way to new motivation and their documented urge for speed. Because although the “driving to school” on Monday turned out to be emotional, “I would actually like to hear it whistling in the helmet,” says Hütter.

“It has to click again”

The former daredevil now wants to “turn the experiences of her low blows into an advantage”. She has no choice either. “I think I can still take risks and go daring. But first it has to click again, ”said Hütter, pointing first to her head and then to the heart. “Only then does it go back there.”

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