Amusement Park: Super Nintendo World is slated to open in February


The date in the summer could not be kept in the corona pandemic, but it should work on February 4, 2021 and the world’s first Super Nintendo World should open its doors in Osaka. As the announcement shows, the subject area will not be particularly large yet. At the opening there will be an AR-supported Mario Kart track and a ride on a Yoshi, Universal Studios Japan explained. In addition, you should be able to collect virtual coins on the site and of course visit thematically appropriate restaurants and shops.

Super Nintendo World will become part of Universal Studios Japan amusement park in Osaka and was announced in January. The preview video published at the time still contained mostly animated elements; a new advertising film now allows a look at the area that has now been built. You can see a lot of elements from the world of Mario and Bowser, but also the tightness to be expected in the not very large area. The central attraction should be “Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge”, which starts in Bowser’s (“King Koopa”) castle.

(Source: Universal Studios Japan)

“Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge”

(Image: Universal Studios Japan)

The US news portal Bloomberg has already taken a look at the system and explainedthat the popular Mario Kart has only partially found its way into reality. The challenge involves two trains running in parallel, so the route is always the same. However, the visitors are given AR glasses, which they can use to throw turtle shells at the competitors. “Yoshi’s Adventure” looks even less interactive, it’s about finding “three colored eggs”. While the scope of the opening is still a bit small, according to Bloomberg that should change soon. There is already construction going on in the immediate vicinity, according to rumors, in an area around Donkey Kong.


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