Anchober: 2,748 newcomers, stop Corona app “doesn’t hurt”


The number of infections in Austria is still at a “dramatically high level”. Monday is the day with the regularly lowest values, said the Minister of Health. 2748 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours, but with only 15,054 tests. On normal November days, an average of 30,000 tests are carried out. 4,694 people have recovered, with 79 new deaths, 89 additional hospitalizations and 701 people in intensive care units.

“Very urgent appeal” for app

The Stop Corona app is a very central and important support for contact tracing, according to Anschober. Actor Harald Krassnitzer also uses them, as a short clip revealed. “As Harald has now put it: It doesn’t hurt, but it is very useful,” said Anschober. He made a “very urgent appeal” to the population to download the app “today”.

There are “significant increases” in the warnings reported by the app: “It works, it works,” said Anschober aggressively and invoked the “team spirit”. A commercial clip then played with ÖFB team boss Franco Foda did not work at the first attempt.

Foitik: Update in mid-December

Foitik once again explained how the app works: It records contacts with other app users via Bluetooth and encrypts them. If there is a “risk contact”, the app will report itself. Then you shouldn’t meet anyone anymore and contact 1450, for example. The app would reliably warn all contacts “practically in real time” as soon as they claim to be infected. “Two users of this app can probably prevent infection in the course of this pandemic,” said Foitik. The number of downloads of the app is 1.2 million users. According to calculations, this can prevent six to eight percent of infections. Not enough – is the Federal Rescue Commander.

In mid-December, the app should be “even more useful than it already is,” announced Foitik. Then it should also work “across borders” and be able to short-circuit with foreign products.

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