Andrej Mangold & Jenny Lange: Will the love comback now follow?


Ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold, 33, and his chosen one Jenny Lange, 27, recently shocked their fans with the announcement of their separation. Now an insider unpacked about a possible love comeback …

Andrej Mangold & Jenny Lange: It’s all over and over

It has long been suspected, since mid-November 2020 it is official: The “Summer House of the Stars” participants Jenny Lange and Andrej Mangold have split up!

It seems as if the former “Bachelor” dream couple has now also overtaken the “summer house of the stars” curse. While filming, the two showed themselves to be unbeatable duo and held despite heavy criticism in the network firmly together. But what will become of them now?

After all, the separation does not only seem to be a great psychological burden for the former “Bachelor” dream couple, but could now also have an extremely negative effect on their finances. The reason: Andrej and Jenny only functioned as “Bachelor”-Duo!

Although the two lost many followers and also some cooperation partners due to violent bullying allegations in the “summer house of the stars”, Andrej and Jenny were apparently a great guarantee of success as a couple in love.

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Andrej Mangold & Jenny Lange: love comeback?

So could it actually be that the two TV personalities love theirs another chance give? An insider seems to be about it now to know more

A friend of the couple now revealed to “Closer” whether the former dream couple again and at the same time revealed the real reason for their separation. He revealed:

They have very different plans for the future.

Therefore Wishes Andrei himself children, whereas Jenny from one international modeling career dream, travel and adventure. Whether the two ultimately get together again? Your mutual friend emphasized at least in conclusion: “You should never say never. You will see what time brings.”

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