Another location for Hitman 3 revealed


IO Interactive shows a trailer for “Hitman 3”, in which a new location can be seen that is set in China.

IO Interactive has released a trailer for Hitman 3 that unveils a new location, Chongqing, China. “Chongqing is a new location for Hitman 3, which leads Agent 47 into the rainy, neon-lit streets of a Chinese transportation hub full of shops and food stalls, all crammed into narrow streets with lots of secrets off the beaten path. Chongqing has also the goal to present improvements and refinements to the technology of Hitman 3, “it says.

IO Interactive adds: “Powered by IO Interactive’s own Glacier engine, Hitman 3 will look, sound and play better than ever with improvements in lighting, reflections, animation and AI. Chongqing also features full water effects with details like raindrops pointing to Agent 47 patter and wet his clothes, making the Hitman 3 experience even more intense. Hitman 3 will run on next-generation consoles in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and HDR support. ”

In addition, groups of up to 300 NPCs can be displayed at the same time. “Hitman 3 players can import locations from previous games in the trilogy and have more than 20 locations under one roof. All rendering, animation and AI improvements introduced in Hitman 3 can be used in all three games become what makes Hitman 3 the ultimate place to play the entire World of Assassination trilogy, “adds. Hitman 3 will be released on January 20, 2021 for PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadia. A cloud version for Nintendo Switch is also in the works.

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