Anschober makes a lockdown promise to Austrians – corona virus


Health Minister Rudolf Anschober replied quite directly to criticism of his “finish” saying: “The lockdown will be over in 1 week,” he promises.

The drop in new infections continues; on the first Saturday of November there were still 8,241 new infections, last Saturday there were “only” 4,669. The deaths are meanwhile at an all-time high of over 130, the worst part is still ahead of the hospitals, warn doctors.

Health Minister Rudolf Anschober also thinks that the numbers are still too high despite the lockdown. “We need a strong finish to the lockdown. So that serious illnesses and deaths drop massively,” he shared on Twitter. This statement resulted in sharp criticism, because many users consider it extremely unrealistic that everything can actually be restarted on December 7th.

“The lockdown will be over in 1 week”

Surprised by the word “finish”, a user warns the Minister of Health to pay more attention to what he is promising when choosing the words. “Do you seriously think that in 1 week it will all be over and we can ski happily?” In the late evening, Anschober replied: “No, but the lockdown will be over in 1 week. Therefore the lockdown will be finished”.

Whether Health Minister Rudolf Anschober will be able to keep his promise and Austria can actually end the lockdown in a week remains to be seen next week. Anchober announced a few hours in advance what had to happen before then.

Anschober works 20 hours a day

Anschober also caused a stir with his emotional question to a Twitter user. He countered a critical question about vaccination with “What’s wrong with you?” Anschober later deleted the tweet, apologizing and explaining his emotional response with his current workload. “I work 20 hours a day,” said the health minister.

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