Anschober to ‘Stop Corona App’: “Please join in” policy


Health Minister Rudolf Anschober speaks on Monday about the “Stop Corona App”. “Today” reports live from 10 a.m. >>

The corona mass tests will start in Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Vienna in just five days. Preparations are already in full swing and the City of Vienna assumes that 60 percent of the population – around 1.2 million people – will be tested for the virus.

Before the mass tests start in Austria, however, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober calls the “Stop Corona App” back to the people’s minds. The health minister will comment on the app at a press conference this Monday. “Today“reports live from 10 am!

Die “Stopp Corona App”

“An important day for us. The Stop Corona app is a very important accompaniment for Contac-Tracing. The pandemic is picking up the pace. We have now 63 million confirmed cases. 1.4 million have died from the virus . In Austria we have seen slight declines, “said Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober at the beginning of the press conference.

2,748 new infections in Austria

“We always compare the days of the week with each other. Today we have 2,748 new cases. However, we only reported over 15,000 tests on Monday. In total, we have almost 30,000 tests per day in November. There are 4,696 new cases. We have a large number again.” of 79 deaths. The number of those hospitalized has also risen by 89. Compared to Sunday, ten more people are in the intensive care unit. ”

“We have to keep the numbers down so that we can hear the opening steps on Wednesday. For us three things are now important.”

➤ 1. Evaluation of the tests

➤ 2nd expansion of screening tests, for example in the area of ​​old people’s and nursing homes

➤ 3. Increase in efficiency and speed increase in the area of ​​contact tracing

Another important point is the “Stop Corona App”. “You can protect others and also protect ourselves. Please join in and get on board,” appeals Anschober. “Many people who live in Austria are now becoming more active again. If you haven’t done it yet, we still have room for improvement.” Actor Harald Krassnitzer is a prominent supporter of the app.

“App simple tool in the fight against pandemic”

Federal Rescue Commander Gerry Foitik: “The pandemic is a social challenge. We have many instruments to fight this pandemic and the app is one of them. It is a very simple instrument. You make basic settings and then the app already works”.

“Two users of the app can already prevent the transmission of infection. 15 percent can avoid six to eight percent of all infection incidents. But that’s not enough. The app works very seriously in the background.” According to Foitik there will be an update of the app – around mid-December. The app should then also be compatible with the German warning app.

Moderator Barbara Stöckl also already has the app: “In the summer I had time and dealt with it several times. Now it is important to relieve all systems – such as the health system. In addition to actor Harald Krassnitzer, ÖFB team boss Franco Foda is also a supporter of the App: “We have to work as a team now”.

“There’s a lot more tracking in Facebook”

Madeleine Alizadeh: “The task now is to relieve everyone who pushes other limits. The act of solidarity is sometimes as banal as downloading an app. Many people think that they do not need the app and many also believe that it is being monitored But there is much more tracking in Facebook. ” “The battle of the pandemic is not won in the intensive care unit, but in society”.

“The show of strength is enormous, but it can also take place on a small scale – with wearing a mask, complying with hygiene regulations or downloading the Stop Corona app”.

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