Apple gives away Apple Music with Shazam for two months or more


A promotional campaign with Apple’s Shazam app promises up to five months of Apple Music if you download the app.

For Thanksgiving weekend, Apple launched a promotion in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and other countries that gives new customers five months of free access to Apple Music. This is linked to the Shazam music recognition system; anyone who downloads the program from the App Store, installs it and recognizes a song can book the extended trial subscription. However, Shazam has also been part of the control center since iOS 14.

This promotion is also activated in Germany and Austria, as you can see in the release notes for the new version of Shazam in the Apple Store: “Offer for the holidays until January 17, 2021! Download and play songs for five months Apple Music free of charge. Only for new users in DE / AT. The terms and conditions apply. ”

In fact, the free Apple Music subscription works for all users, only with different durations. For the offer to work at all, the Shazam app must be (re) downloaded from the store. If the first music recognition of any song starts, the “X months free” offer appears on the start screen with the recognized song. If you click on it, you will be redirected to Apple Music with the banner “Test for free”. The rest is like a credit via voucher code: If you tap on it, the code appears, you still have to verify yourself against the App Store, either by Face ID or Touch ID or a corresponding password. A credit card must be deposited as a payment method in your own account, Apple Pay or iTunes credit will not be sufficient for this.

The free subscription for Apple Music also works for existing customers.


The free subscription for Apple Music also works for existing customers.

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Once these formalities have been met, an information window appears with the duration of the free subscription and the request “Listen now”. The best thing about it – even users with free subscriptions that have already been activated, such as when starting Apple Music etc., can secure at least two months of free subscription for Apple Music.

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