Apple M1 – How to Use iPhone and iPad Apps on Your Mac


Not only conventional desktop applications can be installed on the new Mac models, but also smartphone and tablet apps: We show how it works and what it brings.

From the outside, the new Macs look exactly like the old ones, but the innovations inside are considerable.

Video: Matthias Schüssler

Apple introduced three new Mac models three weeks ago. The new Air, Pro and Mac Mini use a processor developed by Apple for the first time instead of the previous Intel chips.

This system change provides an amazing leap in performance, longer battery life – and it has another positive effect for users: Since the new Macs use the same processor architecture as the iPhone and iPad, the apps developed for smartphones and tablets can also be run on the Macs .

Our video shows how this works in practice: You see how you install apps that you use on your phone or tablet on your Mac. We also explain why there are individual apps that cannot be found on Mac. And in this case we have a trick on how you can still access such an unavailable app. The iMazing application, which is available under gives. The full version is available from CHF 50. In order to move some apps to the Mac, however, the free trial version also serves its purpose. You can find a detailed introduction to iMazing in this blog post.

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