Apple Music is free for new customers for five months over Christmas


Apple is currently giving away subscriptions to its Apple Music streaming service to new customers. You can listen to Apple Music for free for five months if you have not yet used the service. The free trial period is offered through Shazam.

Apple has launched a new free share for Apple Music. Customers can currently use the streaming service free of charge for five months. Apple Music costs 9.99 euros per month with standard membership, but there is a family subscription and use as part of Apple One.

Apple had already offered a free trial period over Christmas and New Year last year, at that time for a total of six months. New customers can usually use Apple Music free of charge for three months; permanent free use like Spotify, which offers an ad-financed basic tariff, is not provided.

Five months of Apple Music are free at Shazam

In order to be able to use the free trial period, new customers must use music recognition href = “ ″ target =“ _ blank “rel =“ noopener “> Open Shazam, which has also been part of Apple for some time and has therefore become free and ad-free .
Then you have to recognize any song with Shazam and then select playback via Apple Music. There you will then be offered five months of free use.

A new customer for Apple is anyone who has never used Apple Music before. The promotion runs over Christmas, the holidays and the New Year and ends on January 13, 2021. It is offered in Germany, Austria, the USA, Australia and other markets.

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