Aquarium penguins watch Christmas films to prevent boredom


Visits to the Sea Life Aquarium are not possible in England during the corona pandemic. In order to keep the animals happy, the keepers have come up with something very special.

London’s Sea Life Aquarium kept its penguins happy with Christmas movies during the partial lockdown in England. “It’s great to see how much our penguins enjoy the Christmas movies we show them,” said underwater zoo aquarist Leah Pettitt, according to PA news agency.

Visitors are important for the zoo animals: The employees of the aquarium are convinced that the animals observe the visitors just as the visitors observe the penguins. “They’re very quiet while they watch the festive films, just like us, and are very much looking forward to our lively guests returning this week,” said Pettitt of the penguins.

However, zoos and similar facilities had to remain closed during the partial lockdown in England in November. From Wednesday, a regional tier system will apply again in the country, under which zoos and other leisure facilities are allowed to reopen.

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