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Next stage win for Joe Biden
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Arizona is another hotly contested US state that has officially confirmed the result of the presidential election with the victory of Joe Biden. Incumbent Donald Trump has suffered another setback in his attempts to overturn the outcome of the November 3rd election with legal attacks. Biden won in Arizona by around 10,500 votes. Trump’s lawyers failed in court with lawsuits against the election results.

Trump still claims without evidence that he only lost the election because of massive election fraud. Previously, important states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania had already confirmed the result of the election.

The confirmation of the election results in Arizona also has the side effect of reducing the majority of Trump’s Republicans in the Senate from 53 to 52 votes. Democrat Mark Kelly, who defeated Republican Senator Marthy McSally, is due to be sworn in this week because it was a special vote. The remaining newly elected senators will not be sworn in until early 2021. Whether Democrats or Republicans will have a majority in the Senate will not be decided until two runoff elections in Georgia on January 5th.

Among other things, the Senate votes on candidates for central government posts. This could limit Biden’s freedom of action as president if the Republicans retain control of the Congress Chamber.

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