Armed Forces determined locations for teacher mass tests – Lower Austria


On December 5th and 6th, the teachers and school staff at 27 locations in Lower Austria will be subjected to voluntary corona tests.

As reported, the Armed Forces in Lower Austria will carry out rapid tests in all districts and statutory cities on December 5th and 6th. At 29 stations, with almost 70 test tracks, the entire Lower Austrian teaching staff will be subjected to a rapid test on a voluntary basis. Preparations for this have been going on since the middle of the week and should be completed by December 4th, including a test run.

27 locations, 29 stations

A total of around 1,000 soldiers will be deployed in Lower Austria. On Sunday the armed forces announced the 27 locations. The exact list is below in the article. “I would like to thank the soldiers in Lower Austria, who have so far provided excellent services in the area of ​​preparations for the Covid19 tests of the pedagogues – and I am sure that they will also perform in the implementation of the tests,” says Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner.

Tanner also thanks all the emergency organizations involved. “This functioning teamwork is the result of many years of experience from working together in various disaster relief operations to protect the population in Lower Austria,” says Tanner.

The list of test locations:

Amstetten: Johann Pölz Halle, Stadionstrasse 12

Baden: Hall B, Waltersdorferstrasse 40

Bruck an der Leitha: Stadttheater Bruck, Raiffeisengürtel 43

Gänserndorf: Stadthalle, Hans-Kudlich-Gasse 28

Gmünd: BRG Gmünd, Gymnasiumstraße 5

Haag: Exhibition area

Herzogenburg:Sports hall, Dammsraße 1

Hollabrunn: HTL, Anton Ehrenfriedstrasse 10

Horn: BRG Horn, Ferdinand-Kurz-Gasse 24

Klosterneuburg: Old BH WU, Leopoldstrasse 21

Korneuburg: AHS, Liese-Prokop-Strasse 1

Korneuburg: Guggenberger Sporthalle, Bankmannring 21

Krems: Österreichhalle, Utzstraße 12 (there are two stations on site)

Lilienfeld: Middle school, Castellistraße 8

Milk: Extension area, Südspange 6

Mistelbach: Stadtsaal, Franz Josef-Strasse 43

Mödling: BG Bachgasse, Untere Bachgasse 8

Neunkirchen:BH Neunkirchen, Peischingerstraße 17

Perchtoldsdorf: BG Perchtholdsdorf, Roseggergasse 2-4

Schwechat:Felbermayer barn, Neukettenhofer Str. 2-8

St. Pölten: VAZ, Kelsengasse 9

Tulln: Fire brigade security center, Langenlebarner Str. 106

Waidhofen / Thaya: BH Waidhofen / Thaya, Aignerstraße 1

Waidhofen / Ybbs: Sports hall or castle hotel

Wiener Neustadt:Arena NOVA, Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 30 (there are two stations on site)

Wieselburg: Exhibition hall, Volksfestplatz 3

Zwettl: Stadthalle Zwettl, Stadthallenplatz 1

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