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Aschbacher invited social partners
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Labor Minister Christine Aschbacher (ÖVP) has played the ball to the social partners regarding the planned home office regulation. A faster regulation of work from home is dependent on an agreement between the social partners, she said on Sunday evening in “ZiB2” on ORF television. She therefore invited the social partners to a meeting in December.

Most recently, the Chamber of Labor urgently urged a home office law. Aschbacher had originally only promised a “sustainable regulation” for spring. The minister emphasized that the accident insurance protection was also given in the home office and that the commuter allowance would continue to be paid, “quasi as an expense allowance”. In addition, it was agreed with the social partners in Austria that there was no legal right to work from home, but that this was a matter of agreement between employee and employer.

On the controversial question of opening the ski areas, she said that day trips might be possible. Now you have to first bring down the corona infection numbers. Depending on this, decisions about winter tourism will be made. Employees in tourism could use short-time working or take part in federally funded training and further education.

When asked about the fact that companies get 80 percent of their turnover, while the unemployed receive only 55 percent of their last income as unemployment benefit, Aschbacher referred to the second one-off payment for the unemployed between September and November, which amounts to up to 450 euros. This could create a balance, so the ÖVP politician.

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