At Neckar Center Weil: Stop on the speed camera column on the B10 – Esslingen


A witness reported the fire in the speed camera column at around 2:10 a.m. Photo: Hald

Unknown perpetrators severely damaged a speed camera in front of the Neckar Center Esslingen on Monday night. The police found burning textiles next to the device.

Esslingen – On Monday night, a speed camera column was badly damaged by strangers near the Neckar Center in Weil on the B 10. According to the police, a witness reported a fire on the device shortly after 2 a.m. A short time later a police car was on site. The officers found burning textiles next to the device. “It wasn’t that the device was on fire,” said a police spokeswoman. But the flames would have damaged the housing. Therefore the police called the fire brigade for help. They moved in with a vehicle and four emergency services and quickly put out the fire.

Column is defective

The extent of the attack can be seen in photos that our newspaper has. Traces of soot are visible on the concrete base and on the foot of the speed camera. In addition, plastic and glass components were obviously smashed. “The perpetrators first damaged the device and then set the textiles on fire. That is the current status, “said the spokeswoman. The speed camera column is now defective. According to the police, the amount of damage to the device cannot yet be quantified. Because a lot of technology is built into the device, the damage will probably be considerable.

According to the police, the fire in the early hours of the morning did not cause traffic obstructions on the busy main road. The officers are now determining who is behind the property damage and how the device was sabotaged. Circumstances suggested that the perpetrators deliberately started fire.

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