At Rewe and Edeka: Milka is so outrageously tricking the chocolate Santa Claus


Milka Schoko Santa Claus has shrunk. The consumer advice center Hamburg warns of enormous price increases.

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Just before Christmas, chocolate sweets are very popular. The Hamburg consumer center is now warning of hidden price increases for Milka Santa Clauses.

  • Shortly before Christmas: Milka has put his chocolate Santa Clauses on a diet.
  • The price difference for the Milka Santas at Rewe* and Edeka * is partly enormous.
  • With a few tips you can avoid the brazen price traps.

Kassel – There has been such a thing in supermarkets for several months Edeka and Rewe Buying Christmas candy. December 6th is St Nicholas’ Day, when Santa Clauses made of chocolate are traditionally given away. The warns only a few days beforehand Consumer advice center Hamburg from hidden price increases for the popular chocolate Santa Clauses.

In a sample with other known ones Chocolate Santa Clauses the consumer advice center has shortly before Christmas found large price differences for Milka Santa Clauses. Among other things, some Milka products have been shrunk. At the same time, some supermarket chains like Rewe and Edeka the prices increased. But there are differences.

Rewe and Edeka: Milka is so outrageously tricking the chocolate Santa Claus

The Consumer advice center Hamburg has examined the Milka chocolate Santa Clauses made by Modelez. After Mondelez had already shrunk the Milka Easter Bunny in the spring, it was apparently the Santas’ turn. The Chocolate Santa Clauses of the “Alpine milk” variety have shrunk. The Alpine milk Santa Claus, which was 100 grams in 2019, weighs only 90 grams this year. The smaller 50-gram Santa Claus now weighs only 45 grams.

However, this difference can only be seen if you check the gram information on the packaging. “A size difference can hardly be determined due to the presentation,” warns the Consumer advice center Hamburg. You also have to know the comparative values ​​from the previous year. “The scam“ Less in it, same price ”for seasonal items is particularly bold because consumers have absolutely no way of comparing them,” says the consumer advice center.

Other varieties are also affected. Santa Claus with nuts weighs 95 instead of 100 grams. The “Crunchy Crispy” –Santa Claus weighs 95 grams. Among other things, the Milka Santa Clauses are at Rewe and Edeka sold.

Milka tricks with chocolate Santa Clauses

There is no difference with the largest Milka Santa Claus which still weighs 175 grams. The new varieties “Kuhflecken” and “Dark Milk” both weigh 100 grams. All little chocolate Santas from Milka weigh only 45 grams. Weight loss this year is not the first. As early as 2015, some chocolate Santa Clauses shrank by up to 31 percent.

Sort 2015 2019 2020
Alpenmilch 60 grams 50 grams 45 grams
Alpenmilch 130 grams 100 gram 90 grams
Alpenmilch 210 grams 175 grams 175 grams
Nuss 100 gram 95 grams

Losing weight isn’t the only change in Milka Santa Clauses, however. Due to the lower weight, the price for the Santa Clauses elevated. At Net and partly at Edeka the prices have remained unchanged, the hidden price increase is around 11 percent due to the lower weight of the Santa Clauses, according to the Hamburg consumer center.

Rewe and Edeka: Biggest price differences for chocolate Santa Clauses

Other supermarkets have raised prices. According to the consumer advice center, the biggest price increase is at Rewe. The 50-gram Santa Claus there cost 0.99 euros in 2019, while Milka’s smaller 45-gram Santa Claus cost 1.19 euros this year. The “price increase is therefore 36 percent if you also take into account the different VAT rates in 2019 and 2020”, according to the consumer advice center.

In general, the consumer advice center warns of extremely high price differences in the Milka chocolate Santa Clauses. The highest normal price for the 175 gram Santa Claus was at Real 3.92 euros and was 54 percent higher than at the discounter Penny, where the Milka Santa Claus costs 2.54 euros. With the Santa Clauses of other brands such as Ferrero and Lindt, the price differences are smaller, according to the consumer center.

Chocolate Santa Clauses at Rewe and Edeka – high price differences

With a price comparison of Chocolate Santa Clauses In mid-November at Edeka, Kaufland, Netto, Penny, Real, Rewe and Rossmann, the consumer advice center has generally found high price differences. The cheapest 200-gram Santa Claus from a retail brand cost 96 cents, while the Lindt variant cost 5.29 euros, which is more than five times as much. (Sarah Neumeyer) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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