ATM operator Euronet wants to expand in the country


The ATM operator Euronet wants to expand in rural areas in Austria and is therefore looking for areas that the municipalities can make available free of charge. The rural population has increasing problems with withdrawing cash – with numerous bank branches being closed, the network is becoming thinner, Euronet said on Monday.

Euronet 360 Finance Ltd. want to expand their service with the program “ATM for the community”. According to a National Bank study from November, the distance to the nearest ATM in municipalities is currently between 1.3 and 2 km, the company reminded. They are looking for free space, and Euronet will be responsible for installation, maintenance, cleaning and ongoing operations. Banks have the opportunity to cooperate with Euronet and operate an ATM together – with optimized costs for all parties. Further talks with municipalities, cities and banks are planned.

Euronet has been installing and operating cash deposit and withdrawal systems for over 25 years. In Europe, the company has more than 28,000 ATMs in 28 countries and over 50,000 ATMs worldwide. In Austria, withdrawing money from Euronet costs 1.95 euros. According to the comparison portal durchblicker, Euronet operates 190 ATMs in this country. (apa)

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